DRC Juniors Weekly Round Up

Wednesday was our indoor athletics Sportshall League special. Huge thanks to Elliot from the Cheltenham Harriers travelling down, bringing all the equipment and showing us some of the league events. We had 24 Juniors there and I think they had a great time.

Saturday was both the KLB Cross Country races and the 1st Sportshall League event.

We had 6 Juniors haring and they did a great job in encouraging those younger Juniors around the course. A couple of top performances to mention by name; Bill Smith 2nd place in the yr5/6 boys race and Holly Clarke 4th in the yr3/4 girls race. Well done to all Juniors who took part, from first to last a huge effort well deserving of applause.

In the Sportshall League Olive Jones and Sophie Keevil put in a great performance for the first ever DRC U11 girls team! And Charlie Jones represented the U13 boys for DRC, fabulous. Well done, I’m looking forward to the 24th Nov for our return visit, hopefully with a much bigger team!

Watch this space for our U21s running programme due to start soon (Tuesday evenings). Cross country training 9.30am at the rugby club next Saturday.

DRC Juniors Weekly Round Up

Another chilly night of running on the Wednesday, followed by some great running at the AAA Cross Country on Saturday. It is that time of year when the gloves are out for running, we all get a bit wetter and often muddier but running ability really improves.

I am advised that it is the KLB school cross country next Saturday, so our younger juniors will have the opportunity to run there, and our older juniors get the chance to Hare. Back to cross country training sessions on the 17th.

BIG reminder this week, Wednesday no road running training session, instead a one off special Indoor SPORTSHALL athletics taster session at Hamfields. I will bring along some sign up sheets and if you enjoy the session and would like to do more then we could see if we have enough to put forward a team for the league. The league is for U11s, U13s and U15s but all welcome to the taster session as it’s all good Athletics training.

Have a great week!

DRC Juniors Weekly Round Up

It was the last running session on the rugby field for the Wednesday Juniors, just too dark in the evenings now. Future sessions will now be running focussed, still starting from the club house, but out in the local residential areas. Please wear hi-viz (bright clothing with plenty of reflective material) and if you have them lights (Head torch/ankle lights etc.). And just a reminder these sessions are for our yr7+ juniors, sessions led by Dave.

Saturday cross country training was foggy but fun. We focussed on core stability with a few strengthening exercises and our extended obstacle course.

Just a reminder; subs are due if you haven’t yet paid and completed the form.

And finally we are looking to organise some more winter road running sessions for our older juniors (12-20yrs). These sessions would be more like our adult running sessions, and are aimed at supporting juniors who look to build their endurance running and/or transition to the adult sessions (which they can do from the age of 16yrs with coach assessment). We have two options for these sessions; Tuesday evenings alongside the adult sessions or Thursday evenings. Please let me know if you (your junior) would be interested and when you would prefer to run.

DRC Juniors Weekly Round Up

This week’s activities

Athletics on Wednesday and Thursday were good sessions with warm evening weather making them very enjoyable. It is rapidly getting very dark towards the end of those sessions though, so please note the last two Thursday athletics sessions have been moved to an earlier time of 6-7pm.

Saturday’s cross country training was also good fun, with an extended obstacle course to run around, all good for endurance and agility.

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The club AGM was on Friday. It was a great opportunity for me to share some of our successes with the rest of the club, and I felt very proud to do so. I also spoke about all the hard work that goes into delivering the programmes and activities we put on, and importantly thanked all those that help. I highlighted that without this help we just cannot deliver the programmes and events that our Juniors love so much.

I talked about our plans for 2018-19: to continue delivering the excellent programmes and events that we delivered this year, train two new coaching assistants and our aspiration to buy a high jump mat to enable us to include high jump training at the club. In order to do these things we proposed to increase the annual fee to £20 this was accepted. (My slides here, formal AGM notes to follow)

We also desperately need more help with the organising and admin of the section. So please if you can spare any time at all, we need your help.

Planning Ahead

So I will apologise for the constant pinging today if you have your phone etc. set to alert with every junior section Facebook entry because I have been busy setting up our future programmes. For those not on Facebook the junior section Google calendar, viewable on our website pages, has also been updated.

You will see that I have set up events for the AAA Cross Country Series (more info here), and I have also set up the Indoor Athletics Programme (more info here).

Subs Due

So as mentioned above the annual subscription fee is now due. Please could all juniors (parents/carers) complete the registration/renewal form (available here), this contains details of how to pay. We agreed that our subscription year would run from 1st September – 31st August, but we acknowledge that there are always a lot of payment pressure on parents at this time of year, so if you are at all concerned please contact us and we can work out how to best help you. Our overriding aim is to provide accessible, enjoyable, safe sporting opportunities for our children.

All the best,


DRC Juniors Weekly Round Up

Javelin training for the year 7+ juniors on Wednesday, some rather windy sprints and hurdles on Thursday and more Cross Country training on Saturday. Great sessions everyone!

And then this weekend 10 pin bowling. Competition that didn’t involve running, throwing or jumping (bowling not throwing right?). Well done to the winning team; Mike, Ted, Billy, Ella, Sophie, Harriet and well done too to the very close runners up; Oscar, Luke, Charlie, Olive and Richard (and me).

Just a quick reminder the club AGM is this Friday, this applies to the Juniors too, so all welcome to attend. Also very quickly regarding fees – these are due in September normally but there are some discussions about changes to the club fees (adults and juniors) so requests for payment have not yet gone out. I am expecting that we will put some messages out about fees shortly after the AGM.

2018 ‘Try Out Tri’ Junior Triathlon Event Success

The first ever DRC Junior Triathlon event was a huge success, wow, just wow! Over 50 athletes competed, giving their best and showing us their swimming, cycling and running skills. Well done to each and every athlete who completed the race. Full results here >>

Winners of the 8-10 years category were:

  • 1st Benjamin Howse
  • 2nd Stanley White
  • 3rd Billy Smith

Winners of the 11-13 years category were:

  • 1st Lucy Holdsworth
  • 2nd Luke Davies
  • 3rd Jacob Brounger

Winners of the 14+ years category were:

  • 1st Aneurin Earle
  • 2nd James Durden

This event could not have happened without the huge support of all those who  planned, organised and delivered the event, so a huge thank you to everyone who helped. A few specific call outs to Martin Bragg, Tara Truman and Annette Keevil (our area leads) and our sponsors; The Pulse (thanks to Ange and team for the swimming, pool, spin room and help on the day), Emsea (our amazing medals and trophies supplier) and Sainsbury’s (the snacks).

This event was so successful we may even do it again next year!

Caroline Jones

2018 Junior Triathlon Event ‘Try Out Tri’

Those who have registered will have been sent an email, but just in case it doesn’t arrive, and for those who are curious about how the event will run, some details before the day:

  • The race will begin in the pool at the Pulse Dursley, athletes will need to be in appropriate swimwear ready for the safety brief and instructions at 3.45pm, we recommend arriving by 3.30pm. (Parents/guardians please supervise changing as required). Please ensure you let reception know you have arrived.
  • We will number each athlete by writing a number on the athlete’s arm with a marker pen (please advise us if this is a problem – it is our easiest way of identifying athletes).
  • After the swim, athletes will ‘transition’ e.g. take off goggles and swim hat and then put T-shirt, socks and trainers on, and then line up (when in the line we will stop the stopwatch). We will then walk athletes through to the spin room where athletes will then start the race again. After the cycle athletes will run to the recreational ground and complete their run distances. The finish line is on the recreational ground. Athletes will have two times that will then be added together to provide a final result.
  • There are three age groups for this competition and athletes will swim, cycle and run distances dependent upon age;
    • Age 8-10 will swim 50m, cycle 2k and run 800m
    • Age 11-13 will swim 100m, cycle 3k and run 1200m
    • Age 14+ will swim 200m, cycle 4k and run 1600m
  • Parents/guardians you will be able to watch from the reception observation area and out on the recreational ground, but sorry there will not be space pool side or in the spin room. We will still go ahead in rainy weather provided it is not a complete thunderstorm, so be prepared to stand in the rain on the recreational ground to cheer our athletes through the finish line.

DRC Juniors Weekly Round Up

Mini Athletics had a great start, despite the wind and slightly colder weather we had a good turn out and as always the game of Sinking Ships resulted in a group of cheerful children, who unbeknownst to them were practicing their sprint start and agility skills.

‘Try Out Tri’ registration has opened and planning for this continues. DRC members have been given the first chance to sign up, this goes out to the general public for registration soon, so sign up quick; we have more than 20 registered already.

We are struggling to organise our celebratory event for the summer hols as so many places are booked up so we might need to do this in September. This does have the advantage that fewer of you will be on holiday. Our Junior athletes have done so well this year though so we’re keen to get something organised.

We have a couple of positions on the Junior committee we would like to fill; membership secretary and social officer. Membership secretary would help look after the membership admin – checking people have paid and completed the membership forms, completing the EA membership when required. The social officer will work with the main club social committee and DRFC social committee this is a new role and will hopefully help us to secure our bookings. So if you have time you can give to support the Junior section and you think you could do one of these roles, or any other role, please let me know.

Have a great week.

DRC Juniors Weekly Round Up

A bit late again sorry, lots of organising underway 

Well clearly the highlight of this week was the DRC Juniors 2018 Summer Athletics Championship. I saw some great running, hurdles, long jump, speed bounce and javelin and I saw some juniors trying out some events that were new to them. There were slightly fewer adults competing this year (will have to work on that for next year!). And to finish off the BBQ was very welcome.

So as I said at the time, these events do not happen without the support from the coaches and parents. So to everyone that helped and supported the event a HUGE thank you.

So looking forward:

  • Mini Athletics – registration now closed.
  • Advanced Athletics – cancelled (but Dave has organised one final Wednesday session (01/08) for our older junior athletes).
  • Celebratory event (Cotswold Water Park/Go Ape etc.) date to be confirmed – planning in progress.

Normal athletics programmes are expected to resume in September (Wednesdays 6.15 for yr7+, Thursdays 6.30 for all and Saturdays time tbc for all).

The DRC Juniors committee will be meeting soon, if you would like to get more involved please let me know, we could always do with more help from coaching, to looking after some of our admin (e.g. membership details), to organising events.

Keep cool in this hot weather and enjoy the start of the holidays.


DRC Juniors Weekly Round Up

Another fairly quiet week with some great performances at the Midsummer Open, although owing to the football perhaps, lower attendance this week than the week before. Thursday athletics included some less well practised events; discus and triple jump to mention a couple.

Mini Athletics is well subscribed and we have plans for delivery of that. We think we will need some more adult help though, so if you are available to help at any of these sessions please let me know.

Advanced Athletics looks like it may move, as a few have stated a preference for Sundays. Dave is liaising directly on this programme though so please speak to Dave if you have thoughts on this.

Meanwhile I have been busy planning ahead; 21st July for summer championship. 8th Sep Try Out Tri. Autumn (Kickstart) Athletics programme to start in Sep. Indoor Athletics hopefully in January, and more Yate sessions (on their new track) for the summer of 2019!

Just a reminder if you need dates, location or registration details for any of our events or programmes I keep our website calendar updated and links to our various forms are here too.

Have a great week!