Members’ area

Welcome to the members’ area

Link to weekly run spreadsheet: here >>

The normal ‘club run night’ is a Tuesday evening, we gather at the Stinchcombe Rugby Club main building at 6.15pm for a 6.30pm run start time. All abilities welcome, if you are turning up for the first time, please speak to one of our run leaders who will be more than happy to explain the running groups to you and make sure you join a group right for you. Alternatively please take a look at the Running Schedule for the current running programme so that you can get an idea of distances and paces.

We have many other sessions and events organised to keep our members busy, including speed focussed training sessions, social events, monthly challenges and occasional speakers, so please take a look at our calendar of events or contact us for further information.

Regular group pacing (based on road running):

Greyhounds: 11:15-10:15 minute-miles
Greyhares: 11:00-10:00 minute-miles
Hares: 10:30-09:30 minute-miles
Foxes: 10:00-09:00 minute-miles
Lions: 09:15-08:15 minute-miles
Leopards: 08:45-07:45 minute-miles
Antelopes: 08:00-07:00 minute-miles
Cheetahs: 07:15-06:15 minute-miles