DRC Tri Committee

Martin Bragg


Martin Bragg – Co-Chair

I have used running as a way of maintaining personal health, fitness and happiness for many years. I was involved in the establishment of DRC’s Tri Team and I have benefitted personally from my own involvement in multi-sport. I have seen the positive impact involvement in triathlon can bring to people’s lives and I am interested in supporting the growth of this at a local level within our club.

Francesca Amigoni

Co-Chair & Social/Events Coordinator

Francesca Amigoni – Co-Chair & Social / Events Coordinator

After 20 years of martial arts, my interest in triathlon started after the birth of my daughter 4 years ago. I was keen to find a hobby that could fit into my lifestyle more easily. I’d done some running, but hadn’t swum or cycled for years. However, I was soon hooked! I love the fact that I can train anywhere, at any time. I also love the challenge of needing to master, not one, but three disciplines.
Recently, I’ve taken my training and competing to the next level, by qualifying for the GB age group team at the European Sprint Triathlon Championships.
Becoming a member of DRC has also brought a social element to my training, which I really enjoy. This is why I was keen to take on the role of Social and Events Coordinator within the club. I love planning and organising social events and, being keen on the competitive side of the sport, I also relish helping with the organisation of our team events. I find giving something back to the club incredibly rewarding.

Jennie Marshall

Club Secretary

Jennie Marshall – Club Secretary

I came to triathlon nearly 15 years ago, in a very unstructured and ‘have a go’ kind of way. Joining DRC Tri Team 3 years ago has taught me so much about the sport and enabled me to improve in so many ways. I enjoy being part of a dynamic club and working with a group of people who are a committed to getting things done, implementing ideas and supporting everyone to get involved at whatever level is right for them.

Cara Zoglowek

Club Treasurer

Cara Zoglowek – Treasurer

I joined DRC Tri Team on its inception with a group of like-minded friends as we had mastered ‘just running’, and we were looking for a new challenge, and multi-sport was it!
The tri club provided swimming lessons along with road cycling training and soon he tri club grew. All the training and support helped my confidence grow, and I was excited and nervous to take part in my first tri a few months later, which I thoroughly enjoyed once the nerves had calmed down. I cannot praise the coaches enough for their time, support and encouragement. No goal is out of reach.

Tel Cother

Head Coach & Safeguarding Officer

Tel Cother – Head Coach & Safeguarding Officer

On leaving the Navy, I tried many times, without success, to get a sensible, normal type job.
Therefore, using the remaining brain cells I had left, and the determination that had been instilled in me from 22 years onboard her Majesty’s Grey Funnel liners, I decided to use my common sense, sell my soul and move over to the dark side to become a health and safety advisor. What could be better, being paid to show people how to use a ladder whilst also becoming qualified in corporate litigation and occupational health law? I now manage a large team on a manufacturing site, and I was responsible for all COVID controls required to meet compliance during the pandemic.

Sarah Wilcox

New Joiners Coordinator

We realise joining a new club can be quite daunting, therefore I have the pleasure to welcome new members to the Tri Team and introduce them to others within the club, with whom they can train and socialise.
My journey started 6 years ago, when I decided to change my life and become fitter and healthier. I was very overweight and my dream was always to run. I joined DRC and I’ve never looked back since. It has changed my life.
A friend of mine made me book my first ever 10km race in July 2015 after losing half of my total weight. I was last but very proud and I completed it without stopping.
Tara, the founder of the Tri Team, had always tried to convince me to do Triathlons, which is her passion, but my response was always ‘don’t be silly – this is me!’ or ‘I can’t do that!’ Then our amazing Tri Team was formed and I have now completed many triathlons, including two middle distance events.
So, if I can achieve my dreams, anyone can. My total weight loss is now 8 stone!
DRC Tri are an amazing bunch of caring supportive people and will welcome you with open arms to our club.