November Club Challenge

Last month we had a challenge based on speed.  This month the challenge is all about pace control and is suitable for all abilities – anyone can win!

We are setting you an ‘out and back’ segment on Strava (details below).  All you have to do is run the return part of this segment faster than you ran the out leg to achieve a “negative split”.  Sounds simple, but it’s not quite as easy as it sounds.  The out leg is gently downhill, usually with a following wind.  That means when you turn round you will have a climb and headwind to contend with – as well a fatigued legs.  So this is all about running well within yourself for the first half, so you can up the pace on your return – allowing for the handicaps.  To make this interesting, the leaderboard will be arranged according to how close you manage to get your negative split time to your outward time. So, you have to first get a negative split, and then make this as small as possible.  Misjudge it slightly and it won’t count at all.  Run whatever pace you like – this is all about controlling that pace with consistent running.

An additional prize will be awarded to the fast guys for the fastest time overall with any sort of negative split.

The link to the strava segment is below.  This starts just past the small road at the top of Everlands next to the junction with Church Road. Continue down Everlands turning left onto Cam High Street at the bottom. Follow this past the Tesco turning, continuing on down to Draycott. Turn right on to Box Road and follow this until you reach Cam & Dursley Station where you should then turn round to retrace your steps back to the beginning Р2 miles each way, 4 miles in total.

Link to Strava route:

Once you have completed your run, please share this on Strava by clicking the share button, then select “mail” and send to Title the email “November Running Challenge”.  Good Luck!!