Virtual Running Programme: Mini Challenges

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has resulted in delay phase control measures in England including at present social distancing and self-isolations. During this challenging time it is important that everyone has the opportunity to stay in contact with others, and if possible maintain an active healthy lifestyle.

At present government advice allows people to continue to exercise outside, preferably alone or with other members of the same household, maintaining 2m person-to-person distancing. So great news for us; running (and cycling) is good to do, albeit not in the groups we would normally do this in. So, introducing the virtual club programme: Mini Challenges….

Virtual Running Programme

Mini Challenges

A programme of mini challenges has been organised. Each challenge will last for two weeks. There are two challenges running at a time, an easier option and a more challenging option.

Club members are encouraged to try one or both of the challenges and share their successes. Nominated run leaders will provide more information on each event as it approaches and they will track your efforts.

The club reminds all members to stick to the Social Distancing rules; washing hands before and after an outing, keep the 2m distancing and keep to one local form of exercise a day. Please also be careful out there, we don’t want to add to the NHS burden with lots of extra running injuries, just run within your ability and if running alone take a phone with you.