Club Membership

Adult Membership

The Senior club membership year runs from 1st April each year to 31st March the following year.

In order to join Dursley Running Club or renew your membership please complete the  2023-24 Membership Form here >>

2023/24 subscription fee is £37:50 for the year for first claim members and £25 for second claim members.  New members joining after 1st October, pay £22 (to cover England Athletics (EA) affiliation plus ongoing club costs) and renew with other members on April the following year.  Away Members: pay £17 for year, for members living away from the Dursley area but keeping DRC as their first claim club, (covers EA affiliation so they can compete as a DRC member, but not eligible for other membership benefits). Away membership permitted at committee’s discretion.

NOTE:  From 2021, Dursley Running Club has a new payment system in place, powered by UK England Athletics and Stripe, that allows you to pay your Club Membership fees online. By paying online you are helping us to reduce the time spent administrating the membership so your co-operation and support is warmly welcome. This service is available to members 18 years and over. When your Club Membership fee is due, you will receive an email requesting payment. Check your details and amount is correct in the invoice and then click “Pay Online”. Once payment has been received, your status will be updated on the EA portal and the Club members list.

Club membership offers many benefits  

One main benefit of being a DRC club member is getting automatic membership of DRC Tri with access to all the triathlon training opportunities arranged by the DRC Tri section and at no extra cost.

Another obvious benefit is to enjoy running/swimming & cycling with like minded people, and enjoy some social events with club members.  Plus you can easily recoup your membership fee if you use some of the discounts available to club members.

England Athletics (EA) membership and benefits:

EA membership (which starts annually in April) entitles members to benefits.  See the England Athletics website for more. The race and discounts alone can cover the club and EA fees. Here are some benefits, but check their website :

  • Entry to events exclusively available to registered athletes – under UKA Rules for Competition many competitions, particularly track and field, are only open to registered athletes.
  • Entry discounts (minimum £2) on UKA licensed road and multi-terrain events.

EA membership also allows the club to get guaranteed London Marathon places which members can apply for if they fail the public ballot.

Junior Membership

For Junior club membership information, click here >>