2019 Club Handicap Series

2019 Handicap Dates:

Race 2 Results..

June 12th
July 9th

August 13th
September 10th

Start Times on evening:

6pm Registration
Race briefing 6:20pm
First Runner 6:30pm


The handicap is based on the fastest starting last, and the idea is that if the handicaps are correct everyone finishes together or within a narrow window.  Your race position provides your points score for the race, you have to race 3 times to qualify for the series prizes and lowest points accumulated gives us a winner.

NB: no entries on the night

Final entries need to be in by midnight the Friday before each event. No registration no number, no time. Please be considerate of the organisers of the event and pre-plan your entry.

On race 1 everyone needs to get there early to pick up their race number i.e. just after 6pm. You only get one, if you lose it you will have to make you own!

Everyone MUST sign in otherwise we do not know:

  1. Who should be whipped to start line
  2. That runners are starting on the correct time
  3. How many runners should finish, we do not want to leave any one on the  course!

At 6:20pm a race briefing will occur

6:30pm the first runner will go off and whips will get racers up to start line BUT it is your responsibility to watch the clock and go off at the right time. You can either stand around chatting or you can warm up, but again please get back to start in time (those who can tell cannot do!).

The Course

The course is 3.7miles and is one lap of the Berkeley 10k course, turning left from Hamfield Leisure runners should carefully move to right hand side of the road to turn right into Hamfield Lane, once on the lane move to the left hand side and then remain on the left for the remainder of the run. Turn left at t- junction by the Salutation Inn, turn left into Jumper Lane (just before the climb up in to Berkeley) take care on Jumpers Lane for bollards and traffic on right hand turn up to the Mariners Inn, turn left to return back to Hamfield, left around the roundabout to finish where you started.

Important Key Points

Turn up in good time to sign inWear your club vest or T Shirt please
No headphones etc.Take care at Junctions
Respect other road uses and pedestriansUse pavement on initial downhill section after the Mariners public house
Take care of bollardsRemain on LHS through to finish
No sprinting into funnel
Stay in position as you walk down the funnel and keep walking placings mean points and points mean prizes.

Scroll down for start times don’t look for your 5k time the course is 3.7mile approximately, so estimated finish times are based on this, look for you name, also if you can remember your bib number that will make registration much quicker.

TOP TIP: write your start time on your wrist in biro before you come down or when you pick up your number and then you won’t forget it!