Words from Francois

I want to share my love of trial running, showing you the beautiful Cotswolds and help you become a better trail runner. Through my pain, experience, and love of running off-road, I’d like to encourage and inspire as many people as possible into this amazing sport!

If you are new to trail running or not, I aim to give you some basic info and some of my tips to get you started in trail running! I hope you can plan some epic adventures and make the most of your enjoyment on local trails! I’m always keen to get out and about locally and further afield so let me know next time you fancy an adventure!

Link to my Channel: Cotswold Trail Runner – YouTube

Intro to me and what I cover in my videos: THIS IS ME! (in a nutshell) – A TRAIL RUNNERS PROFILE – YouTube

How to get started in trail running: HOW TO GET STARTED IN TRAIL RUNNING! – awesome benefits, essential kit, my tips & more! – YouTube

How to run uphill: HOW TO RUN UPHILL! | Simple tips for every trail runner – YouTube

DRC 51km for 51yrs: Dursley Running Club – 51 years – 51km – YouTube