Having a Rollicking time and racing with Mickey!

Riverbank Rollick- Lucky for Some,  A* for Team Amigoni

Sunday the 13th saw 43 (at least) DRC athletes on the line, amazingly only one person entered as DADAC, but given it is our 50th anniversary this year we’ll let them off! The runners set off from the race HQ at around 10.30 for the 11am start. A rather late start in some runners minds! The 0.6 miles to the start acquainted the athletes with the strong south westerly wind, but also indicated ground conditions were going to be good.

DRC had a small posse of runners almost on the start line, the tactic being used to avoid delay at the ealry stiles and kissing gates. The race started on time and the down side for the front runners was being dragged along by the speedsters faster than they should have been running. Ben Amigoni (AKA Tigger – because he’s so bouncy!)) and Dave Durden certainly over-cooked the first mile, with Simon Jones and Jon Tudor perhaps also guilty on this front as well. As the runners turned down Cow Hill Fran Amigoni was out front for the DRC woman having moved away from Jadie Cotterell after the first half mile.

The warm up had shown ground conditions were very firm, there was the odd puddle and the notoriously muddy field at the turn on to the River had a bit of moist ground but not much to speak of, at least for the front runners. It may have got a bit churned up as the race went on! It was then onto the Riverbank, Ben Amigoni led DRC on to the section with Simon Jones in close attanednce and Dave Durden about 30 meters behind, Jon and Francois Low behind Dave, after he had reeled them in. Fran led Jadie by about 800m.

For “frequent flyers” at the Riverbank, the way the wind blows is all important. So whilst the runners had favourable conditions under foot the Riverbank was hell/purgatory, the South Westerly wind was strong and the athletes needed to work very hard into it. Running with others helped, but then kissing gates broke the groups up so effort had to be made to get back on board the “train” you had caught. Drafting on a bike makes a massive difference a 25% reduction in effort but it is reckoned runners can benefit by 5-10%, and in wind like today’s probably at the higher end.

As ever Thornbury provided great marshals many in fancy dress. This encouraged some DRC runners, not that they need much encouragement on this front, to stop for a “selfie” or a “photo opportunity”. These events reflect what DRC is all about, an all inclusive club where just making it around a course and enjoying it is the reason for doing events, with other athletes pushing their envelopes. Once off the bank the runners just had to contend with hills, a small section of stream and an extra 1.3 miles to the new finish!. Ben yo-yo-ed infront of Dave. Francois was within tuching distacne of Dave 1t 6 mile sand eventually drew level catching Dave at 8.4 miles. Not realising it was Francois behind Dave kept his competitor at bay by using the narrow path and his sharp elbows!

At least Francois had a bit of a rest before the track opened up and he could crack on after Ben in the closing mile. Fran continued to hold Jadie off, in fact by the time she entered the stream she had extended her lead by a considerable margin. Francois continued to hunt down Ben, Dave forlornly hoping that would both hit the wall and allow him to employ his sprint finish! However it was Francois who got to go full gas finishing just one second behind Ben in a great tussle to be first DRC athlete home! Ben triumphant, in 01:12:41, 22nd overall and 6the senior male. Dave Durden finished 18 seconds behind, a good result for DRC men placing the 3rd behind Chepstow and Weston AC. Jon Tudor ran a very good race to be fourth home just in front of Simon Jones. “Coach” Kitchen and Andrew Obourne finished in front of. Fran who led the DRC female contingent home and had emptied her tank completely in the process, 92nd overall, 8th F35 in 01:21:33. Jadie claimed second spot (8th SenW) and Immi Testa third for DRC women, Immi just in front of Lise Hindshaw. There were lots of other strong runs under and around ninety minutes, Damian Lai running in with Pete Dunn in eighty-seven minutes & Catherine Faye finishing in 01:33:17.

Again, so many who could get a mention, great to see the effort and the smiles! Sara Wilcox, Anya Eames, Cara Zoglowek and Louise Beck were sweeping up for DRC. Louise has not run properly for some months so it was a great achievement to get around in 02:26:05 to claim Dursley’s Lanterne Rouge spot. DRC achieved some decent age grading results with 8 top ten finishers and another 10 in the top twenty of their categories. Dave Durden highest placed in the MV50 cat. in 5th, with Ben Amigoni and Francois Lows 6th and 7th Senior males (SenM) respectively . As already mentioned Fran Amigoni was 8th F35-39 and Jadie Cotterell 8th Sen female, Immi Testa 10th F45-49 with Jon Tudor 10th SenM. As ever support along the course from members family and friends was fantastic.

Results: Ben Amigoni, 22nd, 01:12:41, (6th Male Senior); Francios Low, 23rd, 01:12:42, (7th Male Senior); David Durden, 26th, 01:13:00, (5th M50-54); Jonathan Tudor, 37th, 01:14:25, (10th Male Senior); Simon Jones, 41st, 01:14:52, (7th M40-44); Darren Kitchin, 67th, 01:18:25, (12th M50-54); Andrew Oborne, 83rd, 01:20:22, (13th M45-49); Francesca Amigoni, 92nd, 01:21:33, (8th F35-39); Jadie Cotterell, 136th, 01:26:11, (8th Female Senior); Damian Lai, 146th, 01:27:07, (8th M40-44); Pete Dunn, 150th, 01:27:24, (29th M40-44); Imi Testa, 201st, 01:33:14, (10th F45-49); Lise Hindshaw, 202nd, 01:33:16, (11th F45-49); Catherine Pinnock, 203rd, 01:33:17, (15th F35-39); ntony Ball, 226th, 01:35:28, (27th M50-54); Nick Fennell, 241st, 01:37:43, (31st Male Senior); Susan Peachey, 245th, 01:38:14, (15th F45-49); Erica Fuller, 247th, 01:38:24, (13th F50-54); Steve Rugman, 248th, 01:38:28, (17th M55-59); Lisa Young, 255th, 01:39:06, (16th F45-49); Louise Biddell, 256th, 01:39:07, (22nd F35-39); Adam Cook, 266th, 01:40:00, (38th Male Senior); Lyn Murray, 271st, 01:40:26, (16th F50-54); Julie Gowing, 278th, 01:41:12, (25th F35-39); Kris Rymer, 279th, 01:41:13, (38th M40-44); Darren Smith, 299th, 01:44:05, (40th Male Senior); Kathryn White, 307th, 01:44:32, (19th Female Senior); Michelle Ball, 314th, 01:45:26, (26th F40-44); Katrina Fletcher, 319th, 01:45:51, (28th F35-39); Andrew Ferguson, 320th, 01:45:59, (43rd Male Senior); Claire Searle, 322nd, 01:46:20, (20th F50-54); Dave Halford, 351st, 01:48:53, (44th M40-44); Steve Barnes, 379th, 01:53:43, (13th M60-64); Sandra Lewis, 385th, 01:56:10, (28th F50-54); Carly Heath, 412th, 02:02:23, (42nd F35-39); Ben Houghton, 413th, 02:02:29, (49th Male Senior); Nicki Cowle, 414th, 02:02:35, (41st F40-44); Jo Fearns, 415th, 02:02:37, (40th F45-49); Karen Eadon, 418th, 02:04:04, (37th F50-54); Terry Cother, 419th, 02:04:04, (38th M50-54); Sarah Willcox, 433rd , 02:14:56, (45th F45-49); Anya Eames, 434th, 02:14:56, (43rd F40-44); Cara Zoglowek, 440th, 02:25:38, (50th F45-49); Louise Beck, 441st , 02:26:05, (44th F40-44)

DRC-more than a Running club

The first full week of January demonstrat-ed what DRC is all about, open to all as well as encourag-ing athletes to do their best.
Tuesday saw the beginning of 2019 DRC Walk2Run , with over 40 runners out around Woodfield, starting the 12 week W2R programme and hopefully a life-long journey of heathy activity and running! Friday saw the Glos. AAA Road Race Series Awards held at Gloucester City Council’s Civil suite, the mayor presenting the medals with a buffet afterwards. There is no such thing as a free lunch so DRC participants had to work hard over the last twelve months to get their invites. Dave Saunders and Dave Durden picked up silver in the MV65 and MV50 categories with Alice Lewis sadly not able to attend picking up Bronze in the F55.

 Rogue Runs Night Series 

Paul Gebbet reports “Three Dursley members headed over the Forest of Dean, for the second Rogue Runs night race of the winter from the Cannop Cycle Centre. Yet again, this was a very enjoyable, fun, well organised event, with a challenging off road course, with a good mixture of tracks, mountain bike single track and off path terrain, and an undulating course (for some reason this year the stream crossing was not included, which was a surprise). I was first DRC runner home in 65th in a time of 41:45, despite still struggling with this irritating cough! Next home was Rachel Brown, in 140th (25th Woman and 7th V45+) with a time of 50:44, followed by Kevin
Brockway in 203rd (17th V50+) in a time of 55:03. These are fun events, extremely well organised, well marked and definitely recommended (with cake at the end).

The next one takes place on Thursday 7th February at Chepstow Race Course. With the final race, with a less challenging course I believe, so suitable for those who would like to try these but are nervous of running at night, This takes place now at Chepstow Park Woods on Thursday 28th March.

It a jolly Holiday with Disney….

James Price completed the “WDW Disney Dopey Challenge”, his children taking part in junior race. The events take part at Disney world in Florida. James reports “The Dopey challenge is 4 races on 4 consecutive days a 5k, 10k, Half Marathon and a Marathon. All the events have great entertainment and the option to stop and get photos with different characters as you’re racing. As all the races start at 5am and you need to be on the transport buses by 3am sleep deprivation plays a big factor.
Held on the Thursday. There were 11,750 runners James opted to stop for all of the characters and managed to finish in an official time of 21.13, 82nd overall and 18th in category.
James’ initial plan had been to take it steady in preparation but ended up running it quicker than planned. He finished in 42.35 coming 88th overall, 21st in category out of 11,940 runners.
Half marathon,
Temperatures were starting to rise, it was 17 degrees at the start with the humidity at 94%. With the temp set to rise quickly James made the decision to push on and finish before the sun came up, finishing in an official time of 1.34.48. There were 18415 runners James was 189th overall and 30th in category out of 18415.
James continues “On Marathon morning I was feeling tired and was struggling with my left calf. We had a weather advisory the previous day because of the high heat and hunidity. At 5.30 it was 19 degrees and it was set to increase to 26 degrees by 8 with humidity being at 98%. I had made the risky decision of pushing until the sun came up and then just try to hold on. Immediately i knew it was going to be a challenge i was sweating heavily from mile 1 I took on as much fluid as I could. By mile 15 the sun had come up and it was becoming very difficult and it was increasingly harder restarting after stopping for photos was becoming increasingly tough i managed to complete the
Marathon in an official time of 3.26.11”. An awesome effort from James there!

James’ Children Naomi and Sadie both competed in the Mickey 1 Mile Kids run, held on the Saturday in the middle of the day with the temp at 28 degrees! Both went out well and held themselves back and saved some for a fast sprint finish.

Biscuits, X-Country and extra long 10 miler!

Glos AAA Cross Country Championships 2019

A small but determined band of DRC runners a made it to the rather delightful environs of Rendcombe School to take part in the County Championships. It was a bitterly cold day and the cold was increased for the U17s and over with two thigh deep river crossings on each lap. Even the U13s had smaller water courses to run though as well as the challenges of sustained adverse camber along narrow sheep tracks and a steep if short hill climb. DRC had just the two runners in the Senior Woman’s race with Alice Lewis leading the F60s home and first home for the club, with W2R graduate Jo Fearns putting in a great effort to place 10th F40! Just the solitary senior male Dave Durden, ran three large laps, 6 significant water crossings to stop him getting two hot. Coming back from illness he ran a steady race placing 5th in his category., pleased with his pacing and a strong finish. There was some very strong running from the Juniors with Charlie Wosfield placing 3rd un the U13 boys with his brother Joel 7th in the U17s, always a difficult age group. Lucy Holdsworth continued her fine season with a 5th in the girls U13s.

Results: MU13, Charlie Wosfield 3rd 13:42; MU17 Joel Worsfield 7th 19:10; LU13 Lucy Holdsworth 5th

16:22; Senior Women: Alice Lewis 37th (1st F60) 34:17; Jo Fearns 76th(10th F40) 49:03; Senior Men:

Dave Durden 62nd (5th M50) 44:22

Gloucester 10 Miler, or  more…..!

Fourteen DRC athletes were at the Gloucester 10 mile event on the 30th of December to finish off their competitive year and for a few, start laying bases for their marathon training for London 2019
Unfortunately, a marshal misdirected some of the earlier runners leading to Matt Hazel Livall and Kevin Jackson having to run an extra 6th of a mile. This didn’t stop them coming home respectively first and second for DRC. The Beyond Limitation organisation failing to pick up Kevin’s finish and also Jackie Pennington who came in as a late entry! Sadly a week later no amendments posted. As ever great running from DRC in the age categories headed by Eileen Hieron 1st F70 #BOOM! Annette Heylings 4th F60, Di Gore 5th F60. Annette was super pleased with her run three and a half minutes quicker
than last year! Matt-Livall managed a top 20 finish despite the misdirection. Steve Barnes placed 11th M60, and received a special thank you on our FB page for keeping another runner company over the ten miles, helping them keep going, and according to Steve “putting the world to rights!” Well done Steve! Not sure 10 miles is long enough though given the state of the world!


Matt Livall, 40th, 1:10:56, (20th M30-39); Francesca Amigoni, 85th , 1:16:51,(10th F30-30); Paul Breen , 86th , 01:17:06, (31st 30-39); Nick Fennell, 286th, 01:36:34, (58th 30-39); Jackie Pennington, (Pos. tbc) 01:40, tbc; Annette Heylings, 322nd , 1:42:19, (4th F60-69); Steve Barnes, 325th , 1:43:20, (11th M60-69; Emma Keating, 330th , 1:44:28, (57th F40-49); Dominique. Pemberton, 331st 1:44:28, (41st F30-39); Diana Gore, 341st , 1:45:03, (5th F60-69);Sarah Newall, 361st , 1:49:12, (67th F40-49); Suzanne Moss, 363rd , 1:49:13, (69th F40-49); Karen Eadon, 367th , 1:49:27, (33rd F50-59); Terry Cother, 370th 01:49:28, (34th M50-59); Eileen Hieron, 374th, 01:50:07, (1st F70

New Years Day 5

Nigel Sankey reports “Nine Dursley runners lined up for the New Year’s Day Pilot Inn 5 miler organised by Severn AC. A simple out and back, the course would best be described as undulating. Well done to Alice Lewis for coming 1st lady and Alice, Mel Williams and Janet Matthews for picking up first ladies team. Also congratulations to all the other Dursley runners, Mouse Clutterbuck, Ray Williams, Deb Peake, Richard Hensman and Cara Zoglowek”. Great to see Deb Peake competing in DRC vest and Ray escorting his better half over the finish line or was it vice versa?

For those unaware of Severn AC Race Director Terry Haines history of putting on small, well run and competitive races will also be unaware that Terry was famous for his is “Fair Trade Biscuit” prizes. DRC runners dominated the small field this year with 6 first places in category two seconds and one fourth, so DRC definitely took the biscuit(s)!

Results: Nigel Sankey , 7th , SenM, 2nd, 32:28; Alice Lewis, 15th, F60 , 1st , 37:04; Mouse Clutterbuck, 16th, M55, 1st , 38:45; Richard Hensman, 20th, M40, 4th , 40:39; Ray Williams, 22nd, M69, 2nd ,42:05; Mel Williams, 23rd, F55, 1st , 42:05; Janet Matthews, 26th, F40, 1st , 44:03; Deb Peake, 27th, F35, 1st , 45:15; Cara Zoglowek, 30th, F45 , 1st , 58:55

Greed – Severn Sins

Caroline Jones reports that “There were good conditions for the 7 Sins race held on Friday 28th in the Forest of Dean. Soft ground but not too boggy. The route includes seven hills (and some slopes that aren’t steep enough to officially count as hills) and two tunnels of icy cold water to wade through. It’s a tough course designed to ensure all competitors burn off a good number of festive calories. First in for Dursley was Chris Sweet who made a great time of 1:06 despite having forgotten his trail shoes. He lost a trainer more than once in the muddy stretches and lost time having to retrieve it and was overtaken on some of the slippery downhills. Next year with the right shoes he’ll be a definite contender for the coveted ‘Sub 1 hour’ T-Shirt. Mouse Clutterbuck paced his better half Den around the course coming in with a time of 01:15 Den came in 9th female running for Gloucester AC. Caroline Jones was 12th female overall with a time of 01:19. Rich Prior, (feeing conflicted? Ed.), came in with another strong time of 01:23 running for the Berkeley Harriers (but wearing the DRC vest). The ‘sin’ this year was ‘Greed’ represented by the traditional gruesome medal for all finishers.

Bowstones NYE Fell Race

Paul Gebbett was the sole representative at Bowstones Fell race in Lyme Park (oop North) finishing in a time of 56:31, 103rd place, running as a M40, he was in a veritable host of older runners! Recovering after a cough and cold as most of us are, Paul said “was taking it easy good fun though!”.

DRC Juniors Weekly Round Up

2019 has started with energy and enthusiasm! Hills training on Wednesday, U21 tempo session on Thursday, Bleep Test session on Friday and Cross Country training on Saturday. It has been great to see so many of our younger club members take part in our programmes. And a huge thank you to all those people who help to make these sessions work.

Looking for new sports kit? Just a reminder Dursley Running Club members, that includes our Juniors, get a 10% discount at Gloucester Sports.

The DRC Juniors section development plan was created last year so that we can plan our section improvements over the coming months and years. The first spend against this plan was the purchase of new indoor athletics equipment that we are hoping will arrive in time for this year’s programme. I am always open to discussion and further ideas for our development plan; please let me know if you’d like to contribute.

Current programmes:
-Yr7+ Running Skills Development, for 11-18yr olds, Wednesdays 6.15pm from Rugby Club
-U21 Winter Running, for 14-20yr olds, Thursdays 6.30pm from Rugby Club
-Indoor Athletics, for 7-18yr olds, Fridays 5pm at Rednock Sports Hall
-Muddy Running (currently cross country training), for 7-18yr olds, Saturdays 9.30am at Rugby Club

DRC Juniors – Welcome Back!

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas, perhaps a few new pairs of running shoes were unwrapped, or some sporty shorts and maybe someone was lucky enough to receive a smart watch. Well the new sports season is about to begin, so just a few reminders of the current DRC Juniors offerings:

  • Wednesday evenings 6.15-7.15pm Yr7+ Run Based Training from the Rugby Club.
  • Thursday evenings 6.30-7.30pm U21 Winter Running Programme from the Rugby Club.
  • Friday evenings 5.00-6.00pm Indoor Athletics at Rednock Sportshall – please register here as numbers are limited.
  • Saturday mornings 9.30-10.30am Muddy Running from the Rugby Club at present – still a little more cross country training to go, but we will aim to organise some trail running and orienteering events before Easter.

All sessions commence from 9th Jan onwards. Please remember to dress for the weather, hats and gloves recommended for those colder sessions. Please check out our website for more information: www.dursleyrunningclub.org.uk/drc-juniors/

Kind Regards,