Running, cycling and sightseeing…

It was another busy weekend for Dursley Running Club, in particular the DRC Tri-team. Saturday morning saw the team training at Westonbirt and Sunday the Westonbirt Duathlon, Fran Amigoni, Ian Fendt, Richard Hogg, Leanna Parry, Teresa Walton and Cara Zoglowek competing. Over the two 5K runs and the 22K bike it was close run thing to see who would be quickest DRC athlete with Richard Hogg and Amigoni battling it out. Hogg was marginally quicker on the run but the time Amigoni took back on the 22Km cycle route mean she was home 18 seconds in front of Hogg, Both placed well with Amigoni 58th overall  5th female and 4th in the F35-39 category whilst Hogg 61st overall and 12th in the equivalent men’s category.

New member Parry came in next, then Fuller who was 12th F50 in 01:47:57 just ahead of Fendt. Sweeping for DRC Walton and Zoglowek were thoroughly enjoying the event. Walton reported that it was a “Fabulous day for this super scenic Duathlon amongst the trees and following the Westonbirt Tri bike route, Walton was very pleased to finish 2nd  F60-64.

Results: Francesca Amigoni, 58th , (4th F35-39),  01:25:42; Richard Hogg, 61st, (12th M35-39),  01:26:00; Leanna Parry, 181st, (1st F20-24),  01:37:14; Erica Fuller, 293rd , (12th F50-54),  01:47:57
Ian Fendt, 297th, (43rd M45-49),  01:48:09; Teresa Walton, 367th , (2nd F60-64),  01:58:14; Cara
Zoglowek, 424th, (26th F45-49),  02:16:20.

Francois Low was on the start line of the Lulworth Cove Trail Marathon on Saturday. was billed as a 28.5 mile marathon with 7713ft of climbing turned out to be 29 miles and 5500ft. Low cloud and rain eventually cleared enough to see some of the sea views.

After an early navigational error Low found the remaining seven checkpoints along the course. Low commented “The hills came early and frequently….power hiking and gentle mutterings  got me through the first but by the ninth it was pure grit and sweat!’ Low found the final five miles tough, although flat, his legs were feeling the effort already made. A final push saw Low over the line in 05:12:18. 5th in category and 7th overall (provsional), an excelent perfomance by Low whose focus now shifts to the Brecon Beacons Ultra Marathon in May. Saturday also saw Kate Browning compete the Poets Potter Marathon on her way to 100 Marathons.

Twenty three DRC Athletes took part in three half marathons over the weekend. Eighteen Dursley Athletes had registered for the Forest of Dean Spring Half, last year, the race was postponed due to snow, the conditions were absolutely perfect on Sunday for the 20th vesion of the local Rotary Club’s race. There was a slight breeze in places, but the sun was shining throughout and it was about twelve degrees.

The first two miles are downhill giving many a false sense of security. An undulating run, some long ascents made it challenging, especially the last uphill mile. James Everett, continued his fantastic run of form after the Dozen and was the first DRC home. Despite lack of training he had excellent race, finishing 9th in 01:19:43 in a field of 1887 finishers. He also managed a one second personal best. Matt Read was next home in 01:31:53. New DRC member John Bourne looked very fresh when he passed Damian Lai and Simon Jones and was third DRC to finish in 01:36:34. Zoe Lamerton was first DRC woman home in an excellent 13th F35 position, with a time of 01:40:41. Simon Jones and Damian Lai finished in 01:47:05, Jones coming back from illness. Lai was pleased with his time, after the Gloucester 20 last week. Pete Dunn started too quickly and suffered the consequences, he and John Delafield worked hard to finish in just over 01:50. Behind them Huw Poppy ran a great first ever off-road half, finishing well to record 01:56:18. Jo Robinson was second DRC woman to finsh in finished in just over 2 hours followed by Rachel Cook and Zoe Fowler who came in at 02:15:59 and 02:16:19 respectively. As part of his London Marathon preperation, Ian Roberts finished in 02:15:44. Carly Heath running with Charlotte Christopher, ran a PB with 02:20:58 closely followed by Nicki Squire who was perfecting her run/walk tecnique with Darren Carter Smith both finishing in 02:25. Steve Barnes swept up for DRC in 02:28:56, commenting that he found it a very tough race

Results: James Everett, 9th, (6th MSen), 01:19:45; Matthew Read 104th (53rd SenM) 01:32:00; 7861 John Bourne 196th (88th SenM), 01:37:13;Zoe Lamerton 272nd (13th F35) 01:40:47; Damian Lai 444th (157th M40) 01:47:11; Simon Jones 445th (158th M40) 01:47:12;John Delafield 593rd, (84th M50) 01:51:09: Pete Dunn 607th (204th M40) 01:51:30; Huw Poppy 792nd(245th M40) 01:56:45; Joanna Robinson 983rd (93rd F35) 02:02:16; Rachel Cook 1410th (181st F35) 02:17:12; Zoe Fowler 1421st (187th F35) 02:17:32; Ian Roberts 1433rd (351st M40) 02:17:48; Nicola Christopher 1538th (149th SenF) 02:23:02;  Carly Heath 1539th (208th F35) 02:23:02; Nicki Squire 1620th, (226th F35) 02:27:57; Darren Smith 1621st (333rd SenM) 02:27:57; Steve Barnes 1678th (48th M60) 02:31:23.

Two DRC athletes were at the London Landmarks Half. James Price was the 01:45 pacer and brought his athletes home 18 seconds under target time. Lisa Young cruised in well under two hours and not far off her PB. Results: James Price 1506th (01:52:48) 01:44:42 (Pacer) Lisa Young 2529th (90th F45) (02:03:40) 01:55:28. At the Weston Super Half Ian Cole led the DRC home with Sue Peachy second to finish, Dave Symonds was proudly wearing the DRC vest for the first time this weekend he confirmed that it was “absolutely tough and I enjoyed every minute of it”, Results: Ian Cole 290th (85th M40) (01:46:11) 01:44:06; Susan Peachey, 507th (34th F45) (01:54:39) 01:53:42; David Symonds, 1059th (226th M40), (02:15:39), 02:12:56.

Mike Hanman completed this 50th parkrun at Kingsway on Saturday. There were 24 DRC parkrunners,  with 9 PBs, including Walk to Run athlete Julia Dawson (2nd ever parkrun) and Junior Alex Lygo (23:51 at Stonehouse), alongside his father Dan Lygo, other bests were by Russell Rolls, Andy Kilby, Jackie Pennington, Di Gore, Cath Faye and Alexandra  Kemp. Matt Rogers was quickest DRC parkrunner of the weekend 21:09 at Kingsway Alice Lewis quickest DRC woman and recorded the highest DRC age grading of  82% at Crissy Field. Paul Lee topped the men’s AG with 69.4% at Stonehouse. Sunday saw Stonehouse Junior parkrun’s 1st Birthday. Sam Hill reported ”Perfect morning for a parkrun in the lovely sunshine. Smiles all the way round and nice piece of birthday cake at the end”. Results: Isabelle Crompton 10:04 PB; Liz Hill 11:37 PB; Olivia Sprigings 11:38; Megan Figgis 13:38 (1st Junior parkrun) Chloe Sankey 17:07 PB

DRC excel at long distances

The weekends mostly start with parkrun, but it was a 9am start for the seventeen Dursley Running Club athletes taking part in the Fission 20/20, for many a chance to put training into action in a race environment, whilst also keeping the powder dry for their marathons. The athletes had specific targets which they achieved comfortably in tough conditions due to the wind although the reasonably flat two lap course is perfect for pacing. For Ben Amigoni, Fran Amigoni , Louise Biddell, Janet Matthews, Emma Keating and Dominique Pemberton this was their first 20 mile run and longest run to date, mentally and physically an important milestone.

Jon Tudor and Mouse Clutterbuck ran in support of Fran Amigoni and Jadie Cotterell. Tony Freer cruised through the 20 miles really comfortably and in control. Matthews and Biddell also made the twenty look easy and finished strongly. Keating and Pemberton were very pleased with their efforts. The stand out run for the 20 miler was Martin Bragg. who planned and executed his run perfectly picking up his pace from half way and another finishing strongly. Unsurprisingly he was first in his age category Margaret Johnson also ran a disciplined race, Bragg commented “Margaret demonstrated her usual amazing ability to maintain a consistent pace. She wanted to run within herself and not push the pace too hard, but rather be sure that the pace she chose, she could stick to right to the end – which she did to perfection”. The wind was equally horrendous for the 20k runners. There were times when, although the arms and legs were moving, the body was totally stationary. Kris Rymer led the 20K team home with a good 93 minute run, Pete Allen managing to keep ahead of Clare Troy, with Annette Heylings placing 3rd in F60 category. Results: 20mile: Martin Bragg 67th (1st M60) 02:35:43; Ben Amigoni, 78th (25th SenM) 02:37:33; Tony Freer 102nd (10th M50) 02:43:41; Margaret Johnson 130th (5th F50) 02:47:10; Jonathan Tudor 140th (34th SenM) 02:49:24; Francesca Amigoni 141st (19th SenF) 02:49:25; Mouse Clutterbuck 146th (9th M55) 02:49:53; Jadie Cotterell 147th (21st SenF) 02:49:54; Andrew Hara 180th (42nd SenM) 02:56:58; Louise Biddell 336th (58th SenF); 03:27:27; Janet Matthews 337th (25th F40) 03:27:27; Emma Keating 392nd (37thF45) 03:48:58; Dominique Pemberton 393rd (75th SenF) 03:43:58. 20km: Kris Rymer 14th (7th M40) 01:33:04; Peter Allen 61st (6th SenM) 01:56:27; Clare Troy 74th (14th F40) 02:00:33; Annette Heylings 96th (3rd F60) 02:18:06 3rd F60. The second 20 miler of the weekend saw four DRC athletes out at the Gloucester 20, for Dave Saunders, Damo Lai and Andy Kilby a training race, for Dave Durden a counting race in the Glos. AAA Road Series. The runners were treated to a cold but sunny twenty miles.

The wind was still there but it blew the athletes up the long drag to Haresfield and up the two hills, there were still some sections of head wind. Durden and Lai both ditched pre-race target paces. Lai pushed on moving to an 8:30 schedule from his planned 8:45 and he executed well, running a 10 minute PB, at 8:29 to finish in 2:48:45. Durden managed to hold on after a fast start, struggling up the last two hills he pushed on to record a 9 minute PB placing 7th M55 in a time of 02:27:59, Kilby continues his strong run of form was third home and 6th V60 with Dave Saunders cream of the DRC category crop, 4th M70+. Results: David Durden 101st (7th M50) 02:27:59; Any Kilby 202nd (6th M60) 02:46:47; Damian Lai 219th (31st M40) 02:48:45; David Saunders 362nd (4th V70) 03:13:54. Four DRC athletes were on the start line of the Reading Half. Paul Hocking returned to competition after an injury layoff and left it all on the road with a 77 minute effort. Behind him Mark Sprigings’ attention to detail in his training paid of with a big 4 minute personal best of 01:25:36. Sprigings commented that he “was happy with the start and how the first half of the race” he then encountered a strong headwind and it became a case of just hanging on.

Despite this he ran a great PB boding well for both his Berlin Marathon. Mike Brown and Neil Hodson also found going tough and were some way off their bests as a result of injury. Results: Paul Hocking 01:17: 50: Mark Sprigings 1:25:36, Mike Brown 1:26:52, Neil Hodgson 1:32:16. The other big half of the week end was at Bath. Neil Parry, Andrew Eades, Lynne Murray, Caz Harper Easthope and Leigh Allen were on the start line for the two lap course. Parry was using it as part of his marathon preparation whilst Eades has been struggling with a niggly knee condition and so in his own words “wasn’t looking forward to running at all” despite this he felt strong throughout the race and was able to get within 32 seconds of his personal best. Parry led the DRC team home in strong 90 minute run. Just behind Andrew were Lynn Murray, with Caz Harper-Easthope and Leigh Allen running buddies raising money for the British Heart Foundation. Easthope achieved a PB Race hat-trick, 3 races, 3 PB’s so far this year, finishing in 02:15:1, a 13mins PB. Results: Neil Parry 01:31:18, 591st (40th M50), Andrew Eades, 01:59:02, 4225th (3282nd SenM); Lynne Murray 02:02:27, 5521st (86th F50); Caroline Easthope, 02:12:50, 8084th (315th F45); Leigh Allen, 02:19:45, 8945th (390th F40). Two DRC-Triathletes travelled to Ebbw Vale to compete in the Try out Try event, a beginner triathlon consisting of a 250m swim, 5km bike ride and 2.5km run. Leigh Allen took and new DRC Tri member Louise Saum to the event and she took to Tri like a duck to water placing first woman in 8th place overall in a time of 31:41. Leigh’s time of 44 minutes is provsional, the windy conditions made the outdoor activity “horrendous” according to Allen. 27 DRC park runners ran Saturday. Richard Pitts was the fastest DRC parkrunner of this weekend in 21:52. Whilst down in New Zealand, Alice Lewis ran the fastest DRC female park run with a 23:46 and topped the Age Gradings with 81.65%, and John Rogers ran his first ever parkrun. Nicola Christopher ran the sole DRC parkrun PB of the weekend with 26:18 at Wotton

DRC Juniors Weekly Round Up

Chatty running for our yr7+ juniors on Wednesday, jumping for our indoor athletes, and more of the Dozen route for the Muddy Runners on Saturday. What a great week, really good efforts from our Juniors.

We also held a stand at the Kingshill House Clubs and Societies Fair which was a great opportunity for us to share our successes with the community and possibly even encourage some new recruits. Last week I said there were two more indoor athletics sessions left, but I miscounted… now there are two left! One circuits based session and one relay session.

The next couple of Muddy Running sessions will be orienteering based; next one at the rugby club then our really fun Easter Egg Hunt on Stinchcomb Golf Course (6th April). We will then break for Easter – we will be busy line painting and planning our next season of programmes.

DRC Juniors Weekly Round Up

400m reps for our Wednesday runners. Circuits for our Friday athletes and some definitely muddy and quite windy running for our Saturday runners. Well done all.

A few have asked when our Summer Athletics programme will start. Hopefully we will start straight after the Easter holidays, but we are just waiting for the Rugby Club to confirm our field booking before we send out the registration form.

Just two more Indoor Athletics sessions to go and hopefully soon we will be able to organise some orienteering for our Saturday runners. Thank you to everyone who signed up for the whitening rota.