Glos Cross Country Races

Gloucestershire Amateur Athletic Association (GAAA) organise a 4 races series. Link to GAAA Cross Country web site << here >>. Early bird team entries are once again available, as well as normal 4 race series entry and individual round entry. The dates are as follows.

Cirencester Park Saturday 4th November,

Bath University Sunday 10th December ( County Championship ),

Cotswold Farm Park Saturday 6th January

Pitville Park Saturday 17th February

We can get a club team discount entry for the whole series. Prices are £ 25 per senior/ Master entry and £12 per junior entry plus a 25% discount for every full series entry. Anyone wanting to do this needs to send contact Jonathan Tudor, our Cross Country Captain, by e-mailing ‘‘ or Facebook messenger with the following details:

Name, EA URN, DOB, Championship Eligibility, Address, Post code, email and emergency contact name and number.

Jonathan has set a DEADLINE OF SUNDAY THE 15TH OF OCTOBER. Anyone wanting to enter after this date will have to go through ENTRY CENTRAL without the club discount, see link at the top of the post.